955 Fifth Avenue

A sleek late design by Rosario Candelo, 955 Fifth Avenue is a subtle building with extensive fluting on its façade and a gracefully setback crown. The building was completed in 1938, one of the few on Fifth Avenue erected during the Great Depression.

952 Fifth Avenue

A pleasant Neo-Renaissance design, 952 Fifth Avenue was completed in 1923 and is the work of the architect Henry Otis Chapman.  Despite its small scale, it was built as an apartment house on a previously vacant site and is the only one on Fifth Avenue erected under a 75-foot height limit created to protect the… Continue reading

950 Fifth Avenue

Another of the many high-quality designs by J.E.R. Carpenter, 950 Fifth Avenue is an unusually slender building for its height, suggesting, particularly at the lower floors, a stretched version of the mansion it presumably replaced.  Like the Harkness Mansion at 1 East 75th Street, the narrow lot occasioned a side entrance, but here the building… Continue reading

945 Fifth Avenue

A mid-century transitional building of 1949 by Emery Roth & Sons, 945 Fifth Avenue is a boldly massed composition in beige brick topped by a vast octagonal service tower, one of the most dramatic in New York.  The rather severe detailing includes multiple oculi around the tower, giving it a somewhat military appearance, as of… Continue reading

944 Fifth Avenue

A restrained Beaux Arts palazzo by the architect Nathan Korn, 944 Fifth Avenue contains only 15 apartments in its 14 floors.  The four-story limestone base is extremely fine.