2140 – 2150 Fifth Avenue

2140 – 2142 Fifth Avenue is a rather battered commercial building that overlooks the Callender Playground; window treatments suggest a budget-Beaux Arts.  The cornice has been removed. 2144-2150 Fifth Avenue is a tall, dark and handsome brownstone row in varying degrees of repair.  The basement-levels of the latter have been partially converted to commercial use:… Continue reading

2115-2119 Fifth Avenue

2115-2119 Fifth Avenue is the surviving northern portion of the row that originally started at 2105 Fifth Avenue.  It has been cut off from its southern neighbors by the insertion of 2113.   At some point the middle house at 2117 gained a not-entirely unsuccessful rusticated treatment; otherwise the row is in more or less original… Continue reading

2105-2111 Fifth Avenue

2105-2111 Fifth Avenue is a brownstone row turned down a considerable notch from the ambitious trio immediately to the south.  Save for 2105, which has had its entry modified for conversion into a small church, the row is in excellent shape.

2081-2087 Fifth Avenue

2081-2087 Fifth Avenue are a quartet of brownstones developed, like the houses across the street at 2080-2084 as a unified row. The first of the row has been sadly mutilated but the northern three are intact and display excellent Neo-Grec/Italianate detailing.

2080-2084 Fifth Avenue

2080-2084 Fifth Avenue are a trio of brownstones developed as a single row.  They presumably would have included the now-demolished Collyer House at the corner, and whatever stood at what is at present a vacant lot at 2086 Fifth Avenue.  At some point 2080 and 2084 gained mansard roofs; 2084 also gained a rather unfortunate… Continue reading