2105-2111 Fifth Avenue

2105-2111 Fifth Avenue is a brownstone row turned down a considerable notch from the ambitious trio immediately to the south.  Save for 2105, which has had its entry modified for conversion into a small church, the row is in excellent shape.

2098-2103 Fifth Avenue

A trio of boisterous French Second Empire houses, 2098-2103 Fifth Avenue have been subjected to some curious paint choices (pistachio?)  regarding trim as well as an inexplicable fence at the rooftop level. Despite these additions they are an otherwise a well-preserved and engaging presence on the street, displaying an eclectic sensibility that commands the corner… Continue reading

1 West 129th Street

1 West 129th Street, also known as 2100 Fifth Avenue, is an ungainly PoMo design; its value is social, rather than architectural, as it provides affordable housing for New Yorkers with autism and developmental disabilities.

2 West 129th Street

2 West 129th Street incorporates a corner bay into a standard Beaux Arts design of the period similar to that two blocks south at West 127th Street.  It is one of the relatively few mixed-use buildings on this stretch of Fifth.

2 East 129th Street

2 East 129th Street is a solidly constructed but rather surprisingly plodding block of drab brick that lacks even the residual glamour of a Fifth Avenue address.  Planting ivy might help – and might in fact have been the builder’s original idea.