“Room at the Top” Visits The Equitable Building

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to say that our final installment of “Room at the Top” for 2014 was a resounding success! Over 25 young professionals from the real estate and arts & culture worlds gathered at 120 Broadway, the Equitable Building, for a completely booked private… Continue reading

172 Fifth Avenue

A 1928-1930 design by Aaronson & Heidrich, 172 Fifth Avenue starts off the only block on the Ladies’ Mile not to contain a skyscraper. A well-mannered example of the late Romanesque Revival, the building is notable for being a mixed-use residential development in an era when most of this stretch of Fifth Avenue had been… Continue reading

170 Fifth Avenue, The Sohmer Building

Literally a crowning achievement of Robert Maynicke, 170 Fifth Avenue, also known as the Sohmer Building, is the architect’s most extravagant work on this stretch of Fifth Avenue and a worthy visual foil to the famed Flatiron Building located diagonally to the north. The width of the brownstone house it replaced, 170 Fifth is a… Continue reading

168 Fifth Avenue

A 1921 façade by Rudolph C.P. Boehler that unified two brownstones into a single address, 168 Fifth Avenue is a late example of the commercial conversions that transformed Lower Fifth into a shopping district. The large windows, yellow brick and highly restrained ornament suggest the coming Art Deco movement.

Faces on Fifth: Chloe Ho at the Forbes Galleries

The last show to debut at the historic Forbes Galleries before the museum closes at its Fifth Avenue location, Chloe Ho’s “Under the Surface” is a piquant collection of figurative and abstract work by the Hong-Kong based artist that explores the boundaries of waking consciousness.  Representing a wide range of traditional and new media, Ho’s… Continue reading