1170 Fifth Avenue

J.E.R. Carpenter’s design for 1170 Fifth Avenue simply reverses the details and entrance of 1165 Fifth Avenue, directly across the street. The building was built in 1926, a year later than its “twin”.

1165 Fifth Avenue

Another design by J.E.R Carpenter, 1165 Fifth Avenue was built in 1925.  Its nearly exact duplicate, by the same architect, stands directly across the street, lending an odd mirror-image atmosphere to East 88th Street.

1150 Fifth Avenue

A year later, J.E.R. Carpenter followed 1923’s 1148 Fifth with 1150 Fifth Avenue, completed in 1924 to similar specifications.

1148 Fifth Avenue

Another J.E.R. Carpenter design, 1148 Fifth Avenue is an understated but luxurious building erected in 1923.

1143 Fifth Avenue

A modestly scaled apartment house designed in 1923 by J.E.R. Carpenter, 1143 Fifth Avenue was prevented from reaching further heights by then-active zoning that forbade the erection of structures past eight stories in height.  Said zoning was later overturned, in large part due to the efforts of Carpenter himself; 1143 Fifth Avenue remains a pleasantly… Continue reading