2121 Fifth Avenue, PS 133 Fred R Moore

2121 Fifth Avenue, PS 133 Fred R Moore, is a pleasant school design in not-quite-Art Moderne.  Its name commemorates Frederick Randolph Moore (1857-1943) the noted African American writer, newspaper owner and activist, who was a prominent city alderman in the 1920s and one of the initiators of what would later become The Urban League.

965 Fifth Avenue

965 Fifth Avenue was designed by Irving Magnon, best known as co-designer of the far more elaborate El Dorado apartment house on Central Park West.  This relatively stark building replaced the Jacob Schiff Mansion in 1938.

955 Fifth Avenue

A sleek late design by Rosario Candelo, 955 Fifth Avenue is a subtle building with extensive fluting on its façade and a gracefully setback crown. The building was completed in 1938, one of the few on Fifth Avenue erected during the Great Depression.

875 Fifth Avenue

Another very late Art Moderne building, 875 Fifth Avenue was designed by Emory Roth, who was responsible for many of Central Park West’s most dramatic apartment houses. Perhaps leery of gilding the lily for his Fifth Avenue clientele, Roth restrained himself to a few deft touches, including the use of glass block for the water… Continue reading

880 Fifth Avenue

Dating to 1948 and the first building to be completed on Fifth Avenue after WWII, 880 Fifth Avenue was also the last design on Fifth by Emery Roth.  Echoing the style of Roth’s 975 Fifth Avenue directly across the street, 880 Fifth Avenue provided a similar degree of luxurious finishes with a more open-plan oriented… Continue reading