1485 Fifth Avenue, Fifth on the Park

A flashy anomaly in the neighborhood, 1485 Fifth Avenue, also known as “Fifth on the Park”, is a 2007 design by FXFOWLE Architects.  A highly sculptural ground floor is offset by a red brick approximation of Art Moderne above; the effect is playful if somewhat aggressively so. FXFOWLE Architects’ credits include the mock-deconstructionist 4 Time… Continue reading

1473 Fifth Avenue

The pendant to 1465 Fifth Avenue, 1473 Fifth Avenue is by the same architect and developers.

1465 Fifth Avenue

A contemporary design that is matched by an identical project north of its neighbor, 1465 Fifth Avenue features an unusual checkerboard brick façade and an irregular arrangement of windows. Built in 2010, it was designed by Meltzer/Costa & Associates and developed by Artimus Construction.

767 Fifth Avenue, The Apple Store

High-tech purity or corporate nihilism?  The glossy cube of the Apple Store takes reductivist branding to an extreme, and may be the city’s utmost example of architecture-as-commercial- packaging. Whether the result is a stunning icon of design or the complete negation of architecture is open to argument. The structure shares the 767 Fifth Avenue address… Continue reading

743 Fifth Avenue, the Hublot Building

A handsome Beaux Arts sliver at 743 Fifth Avenue has recently given away to a sleek new shop for Swiss watchmaker Hublot.  Designed by architect Peter Marino, responsible for the now-vanished treatment of 677 Fifth Avenue for Fendi, the building has a die-cast elegance in keeping with the designer’s penchant for industrial glamour.