2 East 129th Street

2 East 129th Street is a solidly constructed but rather surprisingly plodding block of drab brick that lacks even the residual glamour of a Fifth Avenue address.  Planting ivy might help – and might in fact have been the builder’s original idea.

1 West 125th Street

An off-the-truck commercial building of the corporate chain model, 1 West 125th Street is currently vacant.

2010- 2108 Fifth Avenue

The brownstones at 2010-2014 Fifth Avenue still retain a hefty portion of their original detailing.  Not so their neighbor at 2018 Fifth Avenue (Also known as 2 West 125th Street) which has been given a PoMo facelift suitable for a downscale Long Island strip mall.

Vacant Lot, SE Corner of 125th Street and Fifth Avenue

125th Street has many architectural high points. The intersection with Fifth Avenue is not one of them.  This vacant lot, while not the only one currently on Fifth Avenue is certainly the oldest such.  Cleared of structures since 1997 and in seeming development limbo, this was once the location of the famed soul food restaurant… Continue reading

2002 Fifth Avenue

A red brick box with lick-n-stick balconies, 2002 Fifth Avenue is little more than passable hackwork.