1480 Fifth Avenue, The New Ebenezer Baptist Church

Now one of the many small “shop-front” churches that serve the Harlem community, 1480 Fifth Avenue may have been a commercial building originally.  An arched central door and first-floor windows lend a note of mid-19th Century “Romanesque” character.

1473 Fifth Avenue

The pendant to 1465 Fifth Avenue, 1473 Fifth Avenue is by the same architect and developers.

1469 Fifth Avenue

A rather battered Beaux Arts survivor, 1469 Fifth Avenue has been shorn of its cornice and studded with cell phone equipment but remains a solid example of a middle-class apartment building of its era.

1468 Fifth Avenue, Victory One

A design that manages to be both garish and dull, 1468 Fifth Avenue, also known as Victory One, was built in 1998. It contains 110 apartments for low-income seniors.

1465 Fifth Avenue

A contemporary design that is matched by an identical project north of its neighbor, 1465 Fifth Avenue features an unusual checkerboard brick façade and an irregular arrangement of windows. Built in 2010, it was designed by Meltzer/Costa & Associates and developed by Artimus Construction.