Just Off Fifth: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

While we’re definitely skipping north a few blocks, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a treasured feature of Fifth Avenue’s holiday season.  Located in front of Rockefeller Center’s RCA Building and visible from Fifth Avenue (at the foot of Channel Gardens, where this picture was taken), the tree has been an official installation since 1933,… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: 66 East 11th Street Open House

Landmark Branding recently attended an open house at 66 East 11th Street’s duplex penthouse, a new architectural project by Delos Living, a wellness lifestyle brand backed by Deepak Chopra and focused on organic, energy-efficient and health-conscious living environments. Featuring advanced related technologies that included Vitamin C-filtered showers and anti-microbal treatments for high-use surfaces, the apartment also boasts… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: 2 West 16th Street

This rare surviving brownstone mansion, now in a state of some decay, is illustrative of the type of upper class residence that once lined Fifth Avenue. Built by a Dr. Lovejoy in the 1850s, who almost immediately sold it, 2 West 16th Street came into the possession of Henry G. Stebbins, a prominent banker, who lived there with… Continue reading

David V. Griffin’s article on 292 Madison Avenue Featured on Honest Buildings’ Blog

Landmark Branding is pleased to announce the second in an ongoing series of articles by David V. Griffin for Honest Building’s Community blog. Here Griffin speaks with John Monaco, partner at Herald Square Properties, the asset managers for 292 Madison Avenue, regarding the Marciano International Group’s renovation of the classic Pre-War Midtown East structure, shown… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: 37 East 12th Street

The renowned Kentshire Galleries has recently sold its spectacular building at 37 East 12th Street in a record-breaking $26 million all-cash transaction through Massey Knakal. A location noted for antiques and bookstores, including the beloved Strand bookstore at the northeast corner of Broadway, East 12th Street is a stretch of some of the best late 19th… Continue reading