2105-2111 Fifth Avenue

2105-2111 Fifth Avenue is a brownstone row turned down a considerable notch from the ambitious trio immediately to the south.  Save for 2105, which has had its entry modified for conversion into a small church, the row is in excellent shape.

Just Off Fifth: 15 and 17 East 128th Street

15 and 17 East 128th Street are a charming pair of neighbors, with the former’s Italianate detailing a catalogue of Neo-Grec effects and the latter surviving as one of New York’s earliest surviving houses in the French Second Empire style.

2-4 East 128th Street

2-4 East 128th Street has the detailing and overall “feel” of a traditional brownstone house, although it was constructed as a multi-family dwelling.

226 Fifth Avenue

While not as refined as its neighbor to the south at 222 Fifth Avenue, 226 Fifth Avenue is still a strong reminder of how accomplished architects of the early 20th Century were in converting residences into commercial buildings. Above the first two floors, the Italianate cornice of the original brownstone of 1852-1853 survives.  At the… Continue reading

159-161 Fifth Avenue

A survivor from the first wave of commercial development up this part of the avenue, 159-161 Fifth Avenue (also 935-939 Broadway) is attributed to Thomas Griffith, called in 1908 by the American Institute of Architects “one of the most fashionable architects of his day”. A rare surviving commercial work from the Civil War period, 159-161… Continue reading