1160 Fifth Avenue

An unusually small apartment building by present-day standards, 1160 Fifth Avenue reflects the zoning that characterized the Upper East Side before 1923, when the structure was erected. A pleasant Adamesque design, 1160 Fifth Avenue is the work of the Fred F. French company, who were noted for far more ebullient projects, including the Tudor City… Continue reading

1140 Fifth Avenue

A handsome Beaux Arts essay, 1140 Fifth Avenue was designed and built by the developer Fred F. French, whose eponymous skyscraper stands at 551 Fifth Avenue at 45th Street.  Far more subdued than either that structure or French’s other, better-known residential development, Tudor City, 1140 Fifth Avenue is nevertheless a characteristically imposing addition to the… Continue reading

1010 Fifth Avenue

1010 Fifth Avenue was designed and developed by Fred F. French, whose spectacular eponymous Art Deco tower stands at 551 Fifth Avenue. French’s other residential projects include the famed Tudor City flanking East 42nd Street and overlooking the United Nations; 1010 Fifth Avenue is less fantastical than either project but is a handsome presence nonetheless…. Continue reading