Room at the Top: a Private Tour of the Woolworth Building

David V. Griffin, Founder & CEO of Landmark Branding LLC, and Jennifer Wallace, co-founder of leading arts advisory firm nAscent Art New York, are pleased to announce 2014’s first event in our networking series “Room at the Top,” to be held at the Woolworth Building this May.

A world-renowned Gothic masterpiece by architect Cass Gilbert, Griffin and Wallace will host a private tour of the magnificent lobby and a reception on the 27th floor in the offices of Honest Buildings, a unique consulting firm that provides contractor review services for architects, developers and building owners. The event will feature cocktails, superb downtown views and a brief talk with Honest Buildings’ head of market development, Peter O’Brien.

A unique, exclusive and memorable networking event series, “Room at the Top” brings together patrons of the city’s most significant art museums and cultural centers with emerging leaders in the real estate sector. A unique chance to visit some of the city’s greatest buildings, future locations for the series will include private apartments, rooftop terraces, corporate art collections, spectacular gardens and penthouse offices.

Contact Landmark Branding at to learn more about upcoming “Room at the Top” events for 2014 and beyond.

Photo credit Carol Highsmith and courtesy Helen Post Curry.

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