Every Building on Fifth

Two Fifth Avenue

2 Fifth Avenue

Located directly across the street from Corbett’s masterpiece at One Fifth, Two Fifth Avenue seems at first glance

One Fifth Avenue

1 Fifth Avenue

It seems fitting that the first building with an address on Fifth Avenue should also be the street’s first masterpiece.

No. 1 Washington Mews

One Washington Mews

Directly behind 7 – 13 Washington Square North this small Regency-flavored cube is the first building on the street with a visible Fifth Avenue entrance.

No.’s 7 – 13 Washington Square North

No.’s 7 – 13 Washington Square North

While not an official Fifth Avenue address, the westernmost of the row of houses between Fifth Avenue and University Place is directly adjacent to – and in fact is entered from – Fifth Avenue.

Washington Square

Washington Square

Since 1966 Washington Square has served as the terminus for Fifth Avenue’s southbound vehicular traffic

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