860 Fifth Avenue

Far more sedate than its whimsical neighbor to the south, 860 Fifth Avenue was constructed in 1950. Designed by Sylvan Bien, the building incorporates recessed balconies and is capped off with a handsome water tank enclosure.

857 Fifth Avenue

Designed in 1963 by Robert L. Bien and Fifth Avenue’s sole example of Jetsons Moderne, 857 Fifth Avenue is as eye-catching in its way as any Victorian pile. The building was criticized by historian Andrew Alpern as “a gauche assemblage,” although he praised its sophisticated interiors.  As a piece of mid-century kitsch it is nearly… Continue reading

812 Fifth Avenue

An 18-story 30-apartment building erected in 1963, 812 Fifth Avenue is an excellent essay in the subtle contextualism that characterized the Mid-20th Century along this stretch of Fifth.  Designed by Robert L. Bien, the building features setbacks, terraces and cornice lines that harmonize with 810 Fifth Avenue to the south and suggest the more flamboyant… Continue reading

785 Fifth Avenue, The Park V

Known as The Park V, 785 Fifth Avenue is, alas, completely banal. A ground floor bank tenant is kitted out in well-intentioned pseudo-classical frills.

767 Fifth Avenue, The General Motors Building

Replacing the Savoy Plaza Hotel by McKim, Mead & White, the General Motors Building has long been seen as an intruder in the Plaza District, despite contributing a generous public plaza that increases the open space at Grand Army Plaza by nearly a third.  Designed by Edward Durell Stone in his signature mix of luxurious… Continue reading