854 Fifth Avenue, the R. Livingston Beeckman House

One of a relative handful of Fifth Avenue mansions surviving from the Gilded Age, the R. Livingston Beeckman House of 1905 at 854 Fifth Avenue is a temperate essay in French Beaux Arts by Warren & Wetmore, best known for Grand Central Terminal. Unusually narrow for a house of its type, it appears more so… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: The Lotus Club, 5 East 66th Street

A private club with a focus on arts & letters, the Lotus Club was founded in 1870 and has counted Mark Twain, Orson Welles, Margaret Mead and Wynton Marsalis.  The organization takes its name from the poem “The Lotus Eaters” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who describes a land “in which it seemed always afternoon”.  Its… Continue reading

828 Fifth Avenue, The Edward Berwind Mansion

With the demolition of 815 Fifth Avenue, the Edward Berwind Mansion is the southernmost of the surviving townhouses that once lined Central Park from 59th street north to Harlem.  Constructed for a Pennsylvania coal baron in 1896 to plans by the little-known architect Nathan Clark Mellen, the house is in an excellent state of preservation… Continue reading

“Room at the Top” visits the Harkness Residence

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to say that our recent installment of “Room at the Top” was a wonderful afternoon! 20 real estate and arts & culture professionals gathered at the historic Harkness Residence on the Upper East Side for a completely booked private tour of one of New… Continue reading