745 Fifth Avenue, The Squibb Building

745 Fifth Avenue, the original Squibb Building, is a major work by the firm of Buchman & Kahn.  It was a favorite project of partner Ely Jacques Kahn to the extent that he actually dressed as the building for the famed 1931 Beaux Arts Ball. The Art Deco entrance grill, marble lobby and ceiling mural… Continue reading

261 Fifth Avenue

A masterwork of Ely Jacques Kahn, here working with the firm of Buchman and Kahn in his fully developed Art Deco style, 261 Fifth Avenue brings a burst of terra cotta polychrome to the district and provides a fascinating contrast with his nearly abstract cubic design at 202 Fifth to the south. The red, blue… Continue reading

202 Fifth Avenue

202 Fifth Avenue was the first commission of the great architect Eli Jacques Kahn, here working as a partner in the firm of Buchman & Kahn and with the Chicago firm of Zimmerman, Saxe & Zimmerman. The building is currently under renovation; we’ll take another look when the scaffolding comes down.