2333 Fifth Avenue, Riverbend Houses

Constructed in 1967 to designs by Davis Brody Bond, Riverbend Houses at 2333 Fifth Avenue is the last of the major housing developments to line this section of Fifth Avenue.  Conceived after the theories of the French architect and theorist Le Corbusier, it represents a break with the all-brick construction of the previous decades.  The… Continue reading

2300-2330 Fifth Avenue, Savoy Park

An elegantly proportioned seven-building complex on a thirteen acre site, Savory Park was built in 1959 and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping.  Among the older structures it replaced was the Savoy Ballroom, a center of swing and ballroom music during the Harlem Renaissance.

1 West 129th Street

1 West 129th Street, also known as 2100 Fifth Avenue, is an ungainly PoMo design; its value is social, rather than architectural, as it provides affordable housing for New Yorkers with autism and developmental disabilities.

1468 Fifth Avenue, Victory One

A design that manages to be both garish and dull, 1468 Fifth Avenue, also known as Victory One, was built in 1998. It contains 110 apartments for low-income seniors.

8 West 118th Street

8 West 118th Street, also known as the the Canaan House Residential Project, is a striking example of the Corbusier-influenced aesthetic that informed much of social housing in the United States during the decades following WWII.