The Kensington Building, 73 Fifth Avenue

A lavishly decorated building, the L-shaped Kensington Building at 73 Fifth Avenue was developed as a showpiece for the Richman Realty & Construction Company by architect Samuel Sass in 1906.  Notable for its fireproof construction, the building was marketed specifically to businesses seeking a luxurious and visually striking address.  Early tenants included Milton Bradley Publishing… Continue reading

71 Fifth Avenue

71 Fifth Avenue is a sophisticated 1906 design by Charles Volz.  Its strong cubistic proportions are heightened by an abstract approach to decoration, with the ornament being reduced to crisp lines of delineation. Not much is known of Volz, but judging from this building, he had a sure grasp of the potential of the coming… Continue reading

Wedgwood House, 69 Fifth Avenue

At 69 Fifth Avenue, Wedgwood House is a classic example of the white-brick white-glove white-shoe buildings that typified upper middle class development in New York City from the late 1950s through the 1960s.  Built in 1961 and designed by H.I. Feldman, the structure suggests the nautical appearance of an ocean liner of the time.  Setbacks,… Continue reading

The Ladies’ Mile: 14th Street to Madison Square

From 14th Street through 23rd Street and including the west side of the 24th Street block, Fifth Avenue passes through the Ladies’ Mile Historic District, so named for the historic department stores that dominate the area from Broadway to Sixth Avenue. Once the premiere shopping area for the well to do, these buildings have recently… Continue reading

Rizzoli’s Bookstore Closing April 11th

We at Landmark Branding urge our readers to visit Rizzoli’s bookstore today and tomorrow before the location closes its doors at the end of Friday, April 11th.  It will be a last chance to see one of the great bookstore locations of New York and the world.  The facade has been destroyed, but the magnificent interior remains. Books… Continue reading