Room at the Top: The Chrysler Building

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to say that our latest installment of “Room at the Top” was a wonderful event! Over 40 real estate and arts & culture professionals gathered at the lobby of the Chrysler Building for a completely booked private tour of possibly the world’s greatest Art… Continue reading

604 Fifth Avenue

Currently almost completely covered by a billboard advertising its availability, 604 Fifth Avenue is one of the few completed works by William Van Alen, the architect of the Chrysler Building. Constructed in 1925 as a location for the Childs restaurant chain, 604 Fifth Avenue featured a sophisticated curved façade that took advantage of light then… Continue reading

375, 377 & 379 Fifth Avenue

Capped by a pair of oddly funereal urns, the slightly eccentric building at 377 Fifth Avenue (shown at center above) looks as if it might have been designed by Edward Gorey.  It is in fact by the firm of Severance and Van Alen and was designed in 1921 as part of the Childs Restaurant chain,… Continue reading