2 East 70th Street

An elegant 1928 design by Rosario Candela, here working with the firm of Walker & Gillette, 2 East 70th Street replaced the Blair Mansion by Carrere & Hastings, a vast marble pile only 9 years old at the time of demolition.  Candela’s building patterned itself after the previous structure, which had been designed to complement… Continue reading

2 East 67th Street aka 856 Fifth Avenue

A handsome limestone design by Rosario Candela, 2 East 67th Street was completed in 1928.  The façade incorporates an upper-level loggia, a device associated with the Italian Renaissance and not commonly seen in New York City. During construction, the developer was engaged in a lawsuit with a neighbor over who had the rights to the… Continue reading

One East 66th Street

One East 66th Street is the first building on upper Fifth Avenue to dispense with the fiction of an actual avenue address.  A bit of an oddity, the not-quite-Art Deco structure was the last design of the great Rosario Candelo, who completed it in 1930 – yet the building itself was not begun until 1947,… Continue reading

834 Fifth Avenue

Designed by Rosario Candela, 834 Fifth Avenue was one of the last of New York’s great luxury buildings to be completed before the Great Depression put an end to demand for lavish housing.  Faced with limestone and containing 24 apartments, the admirably austere design was altered during construction when a mansion to the south of… Continue reading

41 Fifth Avenue

Designed by the famed Rosario Candela, 41 Fifth Avenue is finished in dark wine-red brick augmented with terra cotta detailing in a modified Florentine style.  The brick takes on an unusual and attractive purplish cast in late afternoon sunlight. Candela, along with Emery Roth and J.E.R. Carpentier, was one of the signature architects of the… Continue reading