2113 Fifth Avenue

2113 Fifth Avenue is an insertion into the historic fabric of its block even more jarring than that at 2066 Fifth and displaying less architectural finesse overall. It replaces a house from the row that commences at 2105.

1429 Fifth Avenue

An attractive addition to the neighborhood, 1429 Fifth Avenue was constructed in 2004, replacing a vacant lot next to 1421 Fifth Avenue.  Containing 43 apartments, this is technically the northernmost building on Fifth Avenue located within East Harlem proper; the blocks to the north are considered part of the Mount Morris district.

1428 Fifth Avenue

Built in 1983 and originally containing 120 low-income apartments, 1428 Fifth Avenue spans the Avenue width of its block.  A slightly retro awning suggestive of the “Art Moderne” period is its one concession to style.

61 Fifth Avenue

The first new residential building on this stretch of Fifth since the 1950s, 61 Fifth Avenue is also possibly the only one designed by a woman.  The design by architect Alta Indelman replaces the fire-ravaged former Schrafft’s restaurant of 1938 with a sedate new structure that references the neighborhood’s aesthetic.  The enormous double-floor studio windows are a nice touch,… Continue reading