1120 Fifth Avenue

A somewhat more lavishly detailed building that 1115 Fifth Avenue to the south, 1120 Fifth Avenue is also by J.E.R. Carpenter and was also finished in 1926.

1115 Fifth Avenue

An attractive 1926 design courtesy J.E.R. Carpenter, 1115 Fifth Avenue is crowned with an unusual not-quite Art Deco glass-walled penthouse.

1060 Fifth Avenue

A sober-sided J.E.R Carpenter design, 1060 Fifth Avenue is one of the architect’s largest buildings on Fifth Avenue, containing 48 apartments.  It was completed in 1928.  

1035 Fifth Avenue

Yet another distinguished J.E.R. Carpenter design, 1035 Fifth Avenue was erected in 1926. It rises from the site of a seven-story apartment house called, imaginatively enough, The Fifth Avenue Apartments, which was evidently considered something of an architectural intruder when completed in 1890. If only its detractors had had a crystal ball…

1030 Fifth Avenue

A 13-story building containing only 16 apartments, 1030 Fifth Avenue is another reserved design from J.E.R. Carpenter.  The building was completed in 1925.