Every Building on Fifth: From the Armory to the Arch

FIFTH AVENUE – the name is a byword for luxury and glamour the world over, a symbol of American fashion, culture and elegance. But beyond its reputation for exclusive shopping and residential addresses, Fifth Avenue is a living history of architecture in New York.

Established as part of the general grid of the Commissioners’ Plan of 1812, Fifth Avenue’s vast collection of historic sites ranges from the Flatiron Building (1902), one of the city’s earliest and most significant skyscrapers, to the Empire State Building (1931), perhaps its most widely-loved; and from Frank Lloyd Wright’s revolutionary design for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1959) to one of Richard Upjohn’s earliest Gothic churches, the Church of the Ascension (1841).

Every Building on Fifth is the blog of Landmark Branding LLC, New York’s only comprehensive strategic marketing firm for the owners and developers of historic and architecturally distinguished properties. Join us as we travel from Washington Square to the uppermost end of Fifth Avenue, studying the buildings and businesses that line the greatest avenue in the greatest city in the world.

Each entry will highlight a different building on Fifth Avenue, from renowned masterpieces to overlooked but no less unique structures: grand facades, hidden details, unknown histories, unexpected interiors – and beyond.

Our journey will involve stopping-off points at historically significant locations for exclusive tours and events; follow our blog for related announcements and opportunities to join us!

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