204 Fifth Avenue

Partially obscured by the scaffolding surrounding its neighbor to the south, 204 Fifth Avenue is a 1913 design by the distinguished architect C.P.H. Gilbert, whose output included many of the townhouses and mansions of New York’s gilded age, including some of the best such buildings in Park Slope and on The Upper East Side some… Continue reading

202 Fifth Avenue

202 Fifth Avenue was the first commission of the great architect Eli Jacques Kahn, here working as a partner in the firm of Buchman & Kahn and with the Chicago firm of Zimmerman, Saxe & Zimmerman. The building is currently under renovation; we’ll take another look when the scaffolding comes down.  

The Worth Memorial

Located on a rather bald-looking triangle bordered by Fifth Avenue, Broadway, 24th and 25th Streets directly adjacent to Madison Square, the Worth Memorial is the district’s first and oldest monument and the second oldest public monument in the city.  Erected to the memory of Major-General William Jenkins Worth (1794-1857), active in both the Seminole and… Continue reading