“Room at the Top” Visits The Equitable Building

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to say that our final installment of “Room at the Top” for 2014 was a resounding success!

Over 25 young professionals from the real estate and arts & culture worlds gathered at 120 Broadway, the Equitable Building, for a completely booked private tour of what was once the world’s largest office building. David V. Griffin spoke about the structure’s historic significance in determining zoning laws in New York and nationwide before leading the group through the monumental lobby.

The tour then visited the 37th Floor headquarters of Strategies for Wealth where our host, David J. Stern, spoke about the company’s history and services; a cocktail reception followed in the company’s offices, which features dramatic views of Wall Street’s directly adjacent skyline. The party then continued at the Capital Grill downstairs.

A recent Curbed article by Evan Bindelglass links to more pictures. Visit this space for information on future “Room at the Top” events for 2015!

All images courtesy Evan Bindelglass and Jennifer Wallace



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