“Room at the Top” Tour of Woolworth Building

On behalf of Landmark Branding and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to share pictures from the first 2014 event in our co-hosted networking series, “Room at the Top.” 25 professionals from the real estate and architectural fields gathered at 233 Broadway, the Woolworth Building, for a completely booked private tour of the structure’s magnificent Cass Gilbert-designed lobby.

After introductory remarks from David V. Griffin, Landmark Branding’s Founder & CEO, the tour was led by Ryan Walsh of Woolworth Tours, the unique tour service headed by Helen Post Curry, architect Cass Gilbert’s great-granddaughter.

The group then ascended to the Woolworth Building’s 27th Floor, where Peter O’Brien and Annie Loeb of Honest Buildings joined David V. Griffin and nAscent Art New York’s Jennifer Wallace in co-hosting a post-tour reception. O’Brien spoke briefly about Honest Buildings’ unique platform and ability to link developers with engineers, architects and service providers; guests enjoyed champagne, conversation and splendid views of City Hall and the Financial District.

The following event photos are by Fred Scott: further photographs taken by Bob Estremera during the tour were featured in Curbed.

Visit this space for more information on upcoming “Room at the Top” events!


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