“Room at the Top” visits the Harkness Residence

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC and nAscent Art New York, we’re pleased to say that our recent installment of “Room at the Top” was a wonderful afternoon!

20 real estate and arts & culture professionals gathered at the historic Harkness Residence on the Upper East Side for a completely booked private tour of one of New York City’s most architecturally significant and intact Fifth Avenue mansions.

Now the home of the Commonwealth Fund, the tour was led by the organization’s distinguished Curator, Paul W. Engel, and included a top to bottom look at the beautifully maintained former home of noted philanthropists Edward S. Harkness and his wife Mary. The group then joined Landmark Branding’s David V. Griffin and n(A)scent Art New York’s Jennifer Wallace at the recently renovated Mark Bar for cappuccinos where the conversation continued.

Thanks to all who attended and participated – visit this space for information on future “Room at the Top” events!

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