97 Fifth Avenue

Like many other buildings on this stretch of Fifth, 97 Fifth Avenue was designed by Robert Maynicke and like 95 Fifth Avenue, the Maynicke-designed building across the street to the south, fills the narrow site formerly occupied by a townhouse. At 97 Fifth Avenue a façade of painted brick with terra cotta trim rises eight stories above the… Continue reading

95 Fifth Avenue

A Robert Maynicke design, 95 Fifth Avenue is a slender building of 1899 that brackets its block with a nicely considered collection of Beaux Arts details.

90 Fifth Avenue

90 Fifth Avenue is a Robert Maynicke design, and is one of his best buildings in the Ladies’ Mile District. Standing on Fifth at the corner of 14th Street, the district’s southern boundary and a major commercial cross-town thoroughfare, it is also one of his most commandingly sited structures. Constructed in 1902, 90 Fifth Avenue… Continue reading

87 Fifth Avenue

87 Fifth Avenue is a design by Robert Maynicke, an architect whose work dominates both the Ladies’ Mile district and the office architecture of the period. Nearly forgotten today, his buildings helped create a template for the modern workspace in early 20th Century America. A handsome but restrained Beaux Arts façade of 1901, 87 Fifth… Continue reading