880 Fifth Avenue

Dating to 1948 and the first building to be completed on Fifth Avenue after WWII, 880 Fifth Avenue was also the last design on Fifth by Emery Roth.  Echoing the style of Roth’s 975 Fifth Avenue directly across the street, 880 Fifth Avenue provided a similar degree of luxurious finishes with a more open-plan oriented… Continue reading

39 Fifth Avenue

Built in 1922, 39 Fifth Avenue is the second building in this district by Emory Roth. Like Roth’s later building at 24 Fifth to the south, the style is nominally Spanish Renaissance, handled in an engagingly droll manner.  The terra cotta faux loggia and mock-heraldic coat of arms make for a welcome splash of color… Continue reading

24 Fifth Avenue

Breaking with the red brick architecture that dominates these blocks, 24 Fifth Avenue is an elaborate confection of Spanish Renaissance-inspired terra cotta. Architect Emery Roth’s great Central Park West buildings include the twin and triple-towered fantasies of the San Remo and the Beresford: in comparison to those structures, 24 Fifth is almost subdued.  In comparison… Continue reading