597 Fifth Avenue, The Charles Scribner & Sons Building

The Charles Scribner’s Sons Building at 597 Fifth Avenue is one of Midtown’s best surviving commercial buildings from the early 20th century.  Designed in 1912 by Ernest Flagg, architect of the Little Singer Building on Broadway and an earlier building for Scribner’s at 153-157 Fifth Avenue, 597 Fifth Avenue is a virtuoso melding of Parisian… Continue reading

595 Fifth Avenue

A handsome little shop with the scale of a townhouse, 595 Fifth Avenue was designed by the little-known firm of Severance & Schuman in an understated, almost abstract classical style.  Renovated at the lower levels, it retains much of its simple charm.

592 Fifth Avenue

A rare example of a relatively recent high-style design fallen far from grace: 592 Fifth Avenue, originally a 1911 Carrere & Hastings building, was reclad in 1964 in the luxurious proto-Post Modern mode established by architects such as Edward Durrell Stone and Phillip Johnson. The most infamous example of the style, Stone’s former museum building… Continue reading

591 Fifth Avenue

The shiny shopping mall at 591 Fifth Avenue stands on the site of the fabulously wealthy Goelet Family’s mansion.  A rather gloomy looking brownstone affair, the Goelet House outlasted most of its neighboring mansions and was inhabited by the family until the death of the last male heir in 1941; the Goelets’ Newport house, Ochre Court,… Continue reading

590 Fifth Avenue

At 590 Fifth Avenue a generic glass box tops a generic PoMo box. Location, location, location!