545 Fifth Avenue

545 Fifth Avenue, the former Hotel Lorraine, was designed by the architectural firm of Jeremiah O’Rourke & Sons.  The handsome details are offset by a gracefully curved corner; the lower floors are currently undergoing the butchering endemic to this stretch of Fifth. Better known for his churches and public buildings, O’Rourke’s most celebrated edifice is… Continue reading

535 Fifth Avenue, The Ruppert Building

A subdued work that suggests the Colonial Revival writ extra large, 535 Fifth Avenue, the Ruppert Building, was designed by H. Craig Severance in 1930.  It is one of three similarly proportioned buildings on its side of Fifth Avenue, neighbored by the Lefcourt Building to the south and the Fred F. French Building to the… Continue reading

530 Fifth Avenue, The Bank of New York Building

An all-business essay in very late Art Moderne, The Bank of New York Building at 530 Fifth Avenue was completed in 1959 and reflects in its limestone detailing a bid for contextuality with the famed Rockefeller Center a few blocks to the north.  Its dignity has been severely damaged by the discordant shopfronts that now… Continue reading

“Room at the Top” at Stella Tower

On behalf of Landmark Branding LLC, nAscent Art New York and Vickey Barron of Douglas Elliman, we’re pleased to say that our recent installment of “Room at the Top” was an amazing evening! Over 30 professionals from the real estate and arts & culture worlds gathered at Stella Tower for a completely booked private tour… Continue reading

529 Fifth Avenue

Like 522 Fifth Avenue directly across the street, 529 Fifth Avenue consists of the mid-century recladding of a much older building, this time a 1906 bank by noted architect Henry Ives Cobb.  The result is inoffensive but not particularly memorable.