1 West 129th Street

1 West 129th Street, also known as 2100 Fifth Avenue, is an ungainly PoMo design; its value is social, rather than architectural, as it provides affordable housing for New Yorkers with autism and developmental disabilities.

1468 Fifth Avenue, Victory One

A design that manages to be both garish and dull, 1468 Fifth Avenue, also known as Victory One, was built in 1998. It contains 110 apartments for low-income seniors.

8 West 118th Street

8 West 118th Street, also known as the the Canaan House Residential Project, is a striking example of the Corbusier-influenced aesthetic that informed much of social housing in the United States during the decades following WWII.

The Senator Robert A. Taft Houses, 1345-1395 Fifth Avenue

The Senator Robert A. Taft Houses face the Martin Luther King Houses over Fifth Avenue for a three-block stretch between 1345 and 1395 Fifth Avenue.  Constructed in 1964 as low-income housing, they may appear bleak to contemporary eyes but have provided homes to generations of New Yorkers since their completion. DeYoung, Moskowitz & Rosenberg were… Continue reading

1295 Fifth Avenue

A robustly handsome pair of towers finished off in the rough-treated “corduroy” concrete beloved of Brutalist architects, the Arthur A. Schomburg Plaza, also known as 1295 Fifth Avenue, were completed in 1975 as mixed income housing.  Architects Gruzen & Partners, working with   Casto-Blanco, Piscioneri & Feder, produced a pair of 35-story octagonal towers that are… Continue reading