Just Off Fifth: 4 East 79th Street, The Nichols-Harriman Mansion


Perhaps the most opulent house on the Cook Block not actually fronting Fifth Avenue, 4 East 79th Street was originally designed by C.P.H. Gilbert in a Beaux Arts style for James E. Nichols that contrasted with the Chateauesque Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion next door.  After its purchase in 1916 by the Harriman Family, architect Herbert Lucas was… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: The Lotus Club, 5 East 66th Street

5 East 66th Street

A private club with a focus on arts & letters, the Lotus Club was founded in 1870 and has counted Mark Twain, Orson Welles, Margaret Mead and Wynton Marsalis.  The organization takes its name from the poem “The Lotus Eaters” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who describes a land “in which it seemed always afternoon”.  Its… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: 30 Rockefeller Plaza

The GE Building at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

30 Rockefeller Plaza, also known as 30 Rock, The GE Building and more recently the Comcast Building, is the largest building in Rockefeller Center and one of the greatest Art Deco structures in the world.  As of this writing still the 14th tallest building in New York City at 850 ft and 70 stories, it… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: The Bancroft Building’s Demolition

The Bancroft Building, 3-7 West 29th Street

Landmark Branding was disappointed to learn of the current demolition of the Bancroft Building, former home of the great photographer Alfred Steiglitz’s Camera Club and a notable design from the talented 19th and early 20th century architect R. H. Robertson. Shown here directly abutting Marble Collegiate Church to the east, this splendid structure could have… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

While we’re definitely skipping north a few blocks, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a treasured feature of Fifth Avenue’s holiday season.  Located in front of Rockefeller Center’s RCA Building and visible from Fifth Avenue (at the foot of Channel Gardens, where this picture was taken), the tree has been an official installation since 1933,… Continue reading

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