26-30 Mount Morris Park West

26-30 Mount Morris Park West

The very handsome brownstones at 23-30 Mount Morris Park West exhibit the full catalogue of Italianate and Greek Revival details associated with the classic type.  They were designed by A. B. Van Duesen in 1880-81.  The northernmost townhouse has suffered the removal of its original front stoop and entrance, but otherwise the row is remarkably… Continue reading

4-9 Mount Morris Park West

Brownstones 3

Larger overall than the buildings lining the south side of West 120th Street, 4-9 Mount Morris Park West is a handsome row that displays a Beaux Arts sensibility translated into the traditional brownstone associated with New York rowhouses of an earlier era.  4-6 were designed by Gilbert A. Schellenger in 1893 and 7-9 were designed… Continue reading

26-40 West 120th Street

Brownstones 2

The elegant row that stands at 26-40 West 120th Street shows a greater level of overall finish than its neighbors to the east, but is slightly more old-fashioned in terms of architectural style, which here harks back to the Italianate of the immediate post-Civil War period.  Like 12-24, it was probably erected as a speculative… Continue reading

Just Off Fifth: 12-24 West 120th Street

Brownstones 1

The townhouses that line 12-24 West 120th Street were probably erected as a speculative development.  Built with red brick and brownstone trim, the style is an eclectic mixture of Neo-Grec and Queen Anne details.

815 Fifth Avenue

815 Fifth Avenue

A once-grand Italianate mansion designed by noted architect Samuel Warner, little remains of 815 Fifth Avenue’s original appearance – and that little will soon be replaced by a new apartment house with a limestone façade. Vintage photos show an attractive residence very much in keeping with the classic brownstone style. Built in 1871, the house… Continue reading

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