1255 Fifth Avenue

A pleasant Beaux Arts building, 1255 Fifth Avenue was built in 1925.  The penthouse came later, rather obviously. The building is H-shaped, arranged around a light-well.  This is not immediately evident from Fifth Avenue.

1170 Fifth Avenue

J.E.R. Carpenter’s design for 1170 Fifth Avenue simply reverses the details and entrance of 1165 Fifth Avenue, directly across the street. The building was built in 1926, a year later than its “twin”.

1165 Fifth Avenue

Another design by J.E.R Carpenter, 1165 Fifth Avenue was built in 1925.  Its nearly exact duplicate, by the same architect, stands directly across the street, lending an odd mirror-image atmosphere to East 88th Street.

1140 Fifth Avenue

A handsome Beaux Arts essay, 1140 Fifth Avenue was designed and built by the developer Fred F. French, whose eponymous skyscraper stands at 551 Fifth Avenue at 45th Street.  Far more subdued than either that structure or French’s other, better-known residential development, Tudor City, 1140 Fifth Avenue is nevertheless a characteristically imposing addition to the… Continue reading

1136 Fifth Avenue

A somewhat battered-looking structure, 1136 Fifth Avenue was designed in 1925 by George F. Pelham Jr., whose 1120 Fifth Avenue stand a few blocks south.  The removal of ornamental balconies and a portion of the Fifth Avenue cornice have compromised an otherwise pleasant design. The building is notable for featuring wood-burning fireplaces.