1473 Fifth Avenue

The pendant to 1465 Fifth Avenue, 1473 Fifth Avenue is by the same architect and developers.

1465 Fifth Avenue

A contemporary design that is matched by an identical project north of its neighbor, 1465 Fifth Avenue features an unusual checkerboard brick façade and an irregular arrangement of windows. Built in 2010, it was designed by Meltzer/Costa & Associates and developed by Artimus Construction.

1429 Fifth Avenue

An attractive addition to the neighborhood, 1429 Fifth Avenue was constructed in 2004, replacing a vacant lot next to 1421 Fifth Avenue.  Containing 43 apartments, this is technically the northernmost building on Fifth Avenue located within East Harlem proper; the blocks to the north are considered part of the Mount Morris district.

1428 Fifth Avenue

Built in 1983 and originally containing 120 low-income apartments, 1428 Fifth Avenue spans the Avenue width of its block.  A slightly retro awning suggestive of the “Art Moderne” period is its one concession to style.

1400 Fifth Avenue

1400 Fifth Avenue is a pleasant new eight-story apartment project that fills its Avenue frontage of the block.  Built in 2002 to designs by Roberta Washington Architects, one of the relatively few architectural practices founded by an African-American woman, the building is notable for its excellent ecological footprint – over 60% of the materials used… Continue reading