20-24 Mount Morris Park West

20-24 Mount Morris Park West

20-24 Mount Morris Park West is an attractive triple-apartment building built with three separate entrances in 1900 – two on Mount Morris Park and one ofn West 122nd Street.  Containing 21 apartments, it displays a variant on the Beaux Arts style.  The yellow brick is unusual.

10 Mount Morris Park West

Ten Mount Morris Park West

10 Mount Morris Park West is an anomalous if attractive intrusion into a district that displays a marked late 19th century architectural character; built in 1923, it rises seven stories.  Ironically, its prior use was as a penitentiary – the Parkside Correctional Facility for women.  It was converted to residential use in 2006 and now… Continue reading

Two West 120th Street

Two West 122nd Street

Two West 12oth Street, designed in 1900 by George Pelham, is a very handsome Beaux Arts apartment house in the Anglo-French style.  Its deep red brick makes a dramatic contract with the more somber brownstones that line this block of West 120th Street. Ironically, the first building on Fifth Avenue in the Mount Morris Historic District is… Continue reading

1485 Fifth Avenue, Fifth on the Park

1485 Fifth Avenue

A flashy anomaly in the neighborhood, 1485 Fifth Avenue, also known as “Fifth on the Park”, is a 2007 design by FXFOWLE Architects.  A highly sculptural ground floor is offset by a red brick approximation of Art Moderne above; the effect is playful if somewhat aggressively so. FXFOWLE Architects’ credits include the mock-deconstructionist 4 Time… Continue reading

1473 Fifth Avenue

1473 Fifth Avenue

The pendant to 1465 Fifth Avenue, 1473 Fifth Avenue is by the same architect and developers.

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