2 West 129th Street

2 West 129th Street incorporates a corner bay into a standard Beaux Arts design of the period similar to that two blocks south at West 127th Street.  It is one of the relatively few mixed-use buildings on this stretch of Fifth.

2 East 129th Street

2 East 129th Street is a solidly constructed but rather surprisingly plodding block of drab brick that lacks even the residual glamour of a Fifth Avenue address.  Planting ivy might help – and might in fact have been the builder’s original idea.

2077 Fifth Avenue, The St. Claire

2077 Fifth Avenue, also known as the St. Claire, is a recently constructed condominium residence.  As such, it is an non-committal addition to the streetscape.

2-4 East 128th Street

2-4 East 128th Street has the detailing and overall “feel” of a traditional brownstone house, although it was constructed as a multi-family dwelling.

2071 Fifth Avenue, The Abingdon

2071 Fifth Avenue, also known as the Abingdon, is a well-kept Beaux Arts design.