Every Building on Fifth

1270 Fifth Avenue

1270 Fifth Avenue

Despite the urge to simply dismiss this beige box as the ugliest apartment building fronting Central Park, 1270 Fifth Avenue is actually historically notable for being the first middle-income co-op apartment building constructed in Manhattan under Section 213 of the National Housing Act, which authorized Government-insured loans to private developers of co-operative housing.  The act… Continue reading

1261 Fifth Avenue, The Lott Residence

1261 Fifth Avenue

An assisted care facility, the Lott Residence at 1261 Fifth Avenue is a not-entirely unsuccessful attempt at contextualism.

1255 Fifth Avenue

1255 Fifth Avenue

A pleasant Beaux Arts building, 1255 Fifth Avenue was built in 1925.  The penthouse came later, rather obviously. The building is H-shaped, arranged around a light-well.  This is not immediately evident from Fifth Avenue.

1250 Fifth Avenue, Lakeview Apartments

1270 Fifth Apartment

One has to stretch a point and call the placid little Harlem Meer a lake for the name of this heap of concrete to make what little sense it does.  Arranged as a series of towers that fill its block, Lakeview Apartments has at least the virtue of an unflinching commitment to its style, in… Continue reading

Harlem Meer and the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

Harlem Meer

A pleasant water feature of Central Park, the Harlem Meer was not part of the original plans; Vaux & Olmstead’s 1858 design stopped at 106th Street.  The Meer was created in the 1860s to drain a belt of swampy country that formed a boundary between New York and the then still-suburban village of Harlem; the… Continue reading

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