Marble Collegiate Church

Founded in 1628 as one of the first Dutch Reform congregations in North America, Marble Collegiate Church is the third building to serve its worshippers.  Constructed in 1851 – 1854 to designs by Samuel Warner, Marble Collegiate Church augmented two older churches downtown (neither now standing) with a Gothic-Romanesque hybrid in Tuckahoe marble that was… Continue reading

264 Fifth Avenue

A once-proud brownstone mansion dating to the 1850s, 264 Fifth Avenue was converted to an apartment residence in the late 1870s.  Popular with well-to-do bachelors, the building was dubbed The Knickerbocker Flats and housed a fashionable jeweler on its ground floor.  The 20th century was less kind to the structure and little remains of 264… Continue reading

262 Fifth Avenue

This sophisticated Art Deco recladding of a five-story brownstone façade at 262 Fifth Avenue is the first building on Fifth north of the boundaries of the Madison Square North Historic District and is not protected by the Landmark Commission.  That’s a shame, as it’s a truly intriguing little façade that bundles subtle classical references into… Continue reading

261 Fifth Avenue

A masterwork of Ely Jacques Kahn, here working with the firm of Buchman and Kahn in his fully developed Art Deco style, 261 Fifth Avenue brings a burst of terra cotta polychrome to the district and provides a fascinating contrast with his nearly abstract cubic design at 202 Fifth to the south. The red, blue… Continue reading

260 Fifth Avenue

Built in 1900 as an office building, 260 Fifth Avenue is now a co-op apartment house. Handsome window sills and double entrances dignify the façade.  The uppermost floors appear to have been a later addition. The building is not part of the Madison Square North Historic District, although 261 Fifth Avenue, directly opposite, is.